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Telecom Sales

Sales Manager

Within the telecoms industry sales is paramount, having a well motivated inside & field sales team is crucial. Sales Management positions come in all shapes and sizes, however the key step up from a BDM position is that you are responsible for the teams results not just your own now. This can be a difficult transition for some however those that are able to nurture and build successful sales teams are some of the most vital employees of any telecoms business.

We recruit for a range of Sales management and Director level positions for Telecom companies throughout the UK. The key attributes employers are looking for include:

  • Encouraging

  • Process Driven

  • Coach like mindset

  • Analytical

  • Organised & Resourceful

  • Energetic

  • Good listener

  • Strategic

If you are looking for your next step into a Telecoms sales management position please don't hesitate to get in touch today.

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