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What Make Us Different

Reduced time to hire & Increased interview to hire ratio

At Perfect Path Recruitment we have 3 specialisms:

  • Telecom Sales

  • Telecom Engineering

  • IT/MSP/Cyber Security

Through our in depth knowledge of these sectors as well as investing in industry leading technology we provide companies with a service that not only reduces time to hire by 50% but it also enables an increased interview to hire ratio by as much as 70%.

By working with companies on an exclusive or retained basis we are able to work to pre-defined time frames with a focus on the quality. We manage the whole process from pre qualification, shortlisting, referencing, interviews, feedback & offer.

Through choosing us as your talent partner you will have a single voice going to the market understanding in detail not only what the position entails but also the values in candidate to look for, this ensures that the shortlist includes only highly qualified candidates.

As an added benefit you will have access to our industry leading technology throughout the entire process meaning that remote interviews will not longer be a reason to delay hiring.

For key hires we offer a service that includes a commercial level employer branded interview which we will then use as part of the candidate attraction strategy, again this reinforces the benefits of working with a chosen partner who will be fully invested with your business.

If you are looking to partner with a business to help locate key personnel within your company, or if need assistance to help with rapid growth please reach out to a member of our team today on 033 00 43 43 76 to discuss how we can help.