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Software Sales

​At Perfect Path Recruitment we work with several tech companies from startups through to multi national software companies.

Even though Software as a Service has been available since 1998 it has only been in the last few years that we have seen SaaS become a viable product and distribution model. This is partially due to the ever improving availability of cloud infrastructure as well as the cost point becoming accessible for all companies not just large cooperates.

Due to this we have seen entire industries being disrupted through innovative technology with a new model of sales emerging.

Solution Sales Consultants that are able to understand the pain points within a company and provide a tech solution are a valuable asset to any company. At Perfect Path Recruitment we daily speak with the best talent in the market, in order to give our clients the best possible staffing solutions.

As a business we focus on identifying new and growing software companies on a daily basis. However not all companies & candidates are made equal. Where some candidates are perfect for clients going through series A funding and are suited to a fast changing business selling cap ex free models. Other candidates might be more suited to a well established company who has a long history of pioneering solutions to it's market, these might have 6 to 12 month sales cycles with large up front costs as well as complex bespoke offerings.

As a result we spend a lot of time speaking with our clients to fully understand what the right hire looks like now, as well as what the role will look like in 12 months. By doing this we are able to ensure that we are providing the best suited candidate for each individual business.

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